Employee Status – A guide for Employers

Employee Status – A Guide For Employers

Posted on Wednesday 29 July 2020

As an employer, understanding employment law and the rights of your workforce is critical to minimise the risk of any employment-related problems. To get the best out of your workforce, having a good working relationship with them is essential, and if they all feel that...


What is compassionate or bereavement leave?

Posted on Wednesday 8 July 2020

It is human nature to try and support others through emotionally difficult times.  However, what happens when bereavement or a gravely unexpected personal problem coincides with an employee’s work responsibilities? Supporting an employee through a difficult period of their life can be a delicate balancing...


COVID-19 – Impact on UK employers and employees

Posted on Wednesday 17 June 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing to cause unprecedented problems within the workplace.   Currently, many employers are considering how to bring their employees back into employment safely as the lockdown eases. We all must remain educated on how to align our operational practices with the current...


How to instil a Wellness Culture at Work?

Posted on Thursday 21 May 2020

Research shows that over 16 million people worldwide experience mental health issues every year. With this pandemic, we can only anticipate that this number is set to skyrocket in 2020. It is no great secret that we are all going through a difficult and challenging...

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