Should Pro Bono be made compulsory for all lawyers?

1 week ago
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What is Pro Bono? How does pro bono benefit lawyers? Why lawyers do pro bono work? Does a pro bono lawyer get paid? How can you find a pro bono lawyer? Should Pro Bono be made compulsory for all lawyers?… Read More

Black Friday: What are your rights?

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3 weeks ago

A McKenzie Friend – Is it a real friend or foe?

Main categories of McKenzie Friends Benefits of having a McKenzie Friend by your side in court Drawbacks of having a… Read More

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How to choose your perfect divorce lawyer?

Decide on the divorce process you want to use. How complicated is your case? Can you afford a divorce lawyer,… Read More

1 month ago

Do you really need a conveyancer or a solicitor?

While it may be a bit overwhelming looking for the right conveyancer, one of the most invaluable benefits of comparison… Read More

1 month ago

Have you ever been a victim of Identity theft?

What is identity theft? What are the best ways to protect yourself from identity theft? What are the punishments for… Read More

1 month ago

Travelling to EU after Brexit – Your top 5 questions answered!

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1 month ago

Is adultery always a reason for divorce?

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1 month ago

Natasha Law – the new food allergy legislation coming into force

What is Natasha Law? How does Natasha Law affect businesses? New technology comes to your rescue! What is Natasha Law?… Read More

1 month ago

Are you exposed to money laundering?

How has anti-money laundering evolved? How to protect your business from money laundering? What is the punishment for money laundering?… Read More

1 month ago

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