Workplace Discrimination: Complete Guide 2020

Posted : Friday 10 July 2020

Discrimination in the workplace occurs when certain prejudices happen in the workplace that centres around the nine protected characteristics. The Equality Act 2020 outlines nine characteristics a person may have that are protected by law if you were to experience discrimination.  The nine characteristics of workplace discrimination 1. Age A person who belongs to a specific age group, e.g. 18-25, 30-40, 65+ 2. Sex A man or woman 3. Race This refers to a group of people determined by their...


What is defamation?


Freedom of speech and having the liberty to express an opinion is important to most of us. Nevertheless, in some circumstances, comments can be hurtful, misconstrued and damaging to reputation. Defamation ( Article 19) is defined as “the act of damaging someone’s reputation……

file for divorce

How to file for divorce?


The journey of marriage is often embarked upon between two people who are brimming with hope, desire, and love. The commitment to tie your life with someone else’s forever is not one many take lightly, and it is a pivotal moment in so many adult lives. …


How to apply for settlement in the UK?


With the UK due to officially leave the EU, changes to Visa and immigration laws are imminent. If you want to stay in the UK, without time restrictions permanently, then you need to act now!…


Indefinite Leave to Remain: Apply after five years in the UK?


Changes to immigration laws are underway due to Brexit. If you are currently on a Visa or looking to remain in the UK, then you must know your rights! Read on for everything you need to know about Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK if you have been here for five years or more.…


What is probate & how it works?


The death of a loved one is always a stressful and upsetting time. Aside from the emotional distress, there is the complexity of dealing with their financial estate and Will. You may have heard the term probate but are unfamiliar with what it means. …


How to apply for divorce in the UK?


If you believe your marriage has broken down to the point of separation, understanding the process through which a divorce can be completed is imperative. Divorce is often considered an overwhelming and complicated process.…


Dental Negligence: Are you a victim?


If you’ve had dental treatment with which you feel unhappy or one you think you’ve suffered from as a result, you may have grounds to file a dental negligence claim.  Dentists are essentially doctors; they owe their patients a trustworthy and reliable duty of care.…

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