How to avoid a speeding fine?

How to avoid a speeding fine?

Posted on Wednesday 19 August 2020

There is clearly a self-evident answer to the question of how to avoid getting a speeding fine? That is not to break the speed limit! After all, the speed limit is there for a reason – public safety – and therefore, it needs to be...


Can you drive after smoking cannabis?

Posted on Friday 14 August 2020

What is cannabis? Cannabis, otherwise known as Marijuana, comes from the dried parts of the cannabis plant; this can include the flowers, seeds, leaves, and stems. It is known by all sorts of names, for example, pot, weed and hash. While many people choose to...


Driving Offences: A Simple Guide!

Posted on Thursday 25 June 2020

Driving an automobile is a serious responsibility that requires precision, care, and attention. There are laws and regulations set in place which are devised to create a safe and secure environment for everybody on the road.  Obtaining a driver’s license is often quite an undertaking....

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