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How to appeal an immigration decision?

Posted on Monday 28 September 2020

Applying for immigration can be extremely frustrating and worrying, especially when you do not have adequate knowledge of the UK immigration appeals procedure and the Judicial Review process. The Home Office has refused lots of people their visa application, but the good news is that...

How to claim Asylum in the UK?

How to claim asylum in the UK?

Posted on Thursday 17 September 2020

It is remarkable to think that such a small island can attract so many foreigners to claim asylum within its shores. Historically, the UK has been very fair to those who have sought asylum. While the borders may not be as open as they used...


How to apply for British Citizenship?

Posted on Thursday 23 July 2020

Applying for British citizenship is an exciting new frontier for many. No matter where you come from or what your life experiences have been, re-establishing yourself as a part of British society can be a powerful and life-changing experience.  British citizenship is granted for life...


How to apply for British naturalisation?

Posted on Wednesday 15 July 2020

Naturalising as a British citizen is a big decision and a very costly process. If your application is unsuccessful, you will not receive a refund for the outlays involved. So you must get it right the first time! Read on for everything you need to...

windrush scandal

What is the Windrush Scandal?

Posted on Monday 13 July 2020

You have to go back over half a century to understand fully what the Windrush scandal is all about. To put it bluntly, the Windrush scandal is not one of the UK parliament’s finest hours when placed in the context of human rights, racism and immigration. Where...


How To Check Your Settled Status?

Posted on Monday 29 June 2020

Changes to visa and immigration laws are imminent. With the UK set to leave the EU officially, it is essential to check if you must apply to the EU settlement scheme. Not doing so may result in you having to leave the UK. Read on...


What happens to UK-based EU citizens post Brexit?

Posted on Thursday 30 January 2020

While advocates of Brexit celebrate the 31st January 2020 withdrawal from the European Union, a large number of the estimated 3 million UK-based EU citizens have only recently learnt about their fate. The three years following the referendum have involved complex and arduous negotiations, much...


Get reunited with your loved ones.

Posted on Friday 20 December 2019

These days immigration solicitors are in a lot of demand. As long as you source the correct legal advice, dealing with your partner’s immigration status does not have to be anywhere as stressful as you’d expect. The number of people without any legal status to...

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