Criminal Injuries Compensation: An In-Depth Guide!

Criminal Injuries Compensation: An In-Depth Guide!


Every year in the UK, thousands of assaults and physical attacks are reported. Often, the victims are left with injuries, both mental and physical, which can significantly affect their lives. The CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority), was set up in an attempt to help these victims benefit from some form of compensation.…


Miscarriage of Justice: I AM NOT A RAPIST!


You may have seen/been affected by the BBC documentary first aired on 10 September 2020 called “I Am Not A Rapist”. Continuing our recent series of articles on justice, we wanted to follow up with an objective legal article that seeks to try and put the challenging legal issues raised in the programme into some context.…

The “decriminalisation” of rape!


According to the Telegraph, there has been a drastic drop in rape convictions where female victims of rape only have a one in 70 (1.4 per cent) chance of the offence resulting in a charge or summons; this is down from 3.3 per cent last year. …


50 Shades Too Far – Enough Is Enough!


In criminal defences, the so-called “consent of sexual gratification defence” known publicly as the ‘Rough Sex Defence’ is a frequent defence in criminal proceedings. Essentially, a defendant argues that an injury or death occurred because of injuries……

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