About us

We are digital professionals with a passion for legal marketing and a mission to connect people to lawyers

We understand that people need access to the very best advice at critical times in their life, but most have trouble finding it and often must rely on recommendations from friends with limited experience. This creates risk and leads to further stress at an already stressful time. Qredible provides an easy to use and trusted platform that enables people to make informed decisions and get the answers they need from leading advisers that, in turn, benefit from showcasing their capabilities and reputation by utilizing our technology and experience.

We do it through:

  • An easy search platform based on the specialization, geographical area and lawyer’s experience
  • Within a few clicks a range of suitable lawyers is presented along with direct contact details and links

To the lawyers, our platform provides:

  • Web visibility and positioning on Google to promote your business and find new customers
  • Online presence to increase the number of potential clients for the lawyer to convert with the benefit of economies of scale.

Founded in Paris in 2015, our platform in France now holds over 2,000 lawyers, generates traffic from over 1 Million users every month and connects 11,500 litigants every month with our lawyers.

Belgium launched in 2018 and is growing in strength.

The UK was launched in October 2019 with a team of professionals in digital marketing, sales, UX and UI and communication focused entirely on the legal sector. Our system is a member of the Open Law Association and a signatory of the Ethical Charter since 2017.

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