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Debt Collection Procedures in France: The European Payment Order

Posted on Thursday 2 September 2021

An Overview of the European Payment Order (EPO) The European Payment Order is a debt collection procedure meant to simplify the cross-border recovery of uncontested claims within the European Union. In 2006, Regulation (EC) No 1896/2006 was designed in order to create an unvarying EU-wide procedure for efficiently recovering debt in cases concerning multiple member states. The intent behind these efforts is summarized in article 9 of the EC Regulation as being: “The purpose of this Regulation is to simplify,...


What does a decree NISI looks like?

Posted on Wednesday 7 April 2021

Unlike a civil partnership, marriage is considered a social contract between two partners who execute the contract as part of their willingness to stay and live together for an indefinite period. As part of the marital contract, both of the partners are entitled to several...


Getting divorced! Questions to ask your solicitor?

Posted on Monday 8 March 2021

A marriage's dissolution is always a massive test of character for the parties involved – challenging their emotional strength. It can be challenging to deal with, and you must be able to run to your divorce solicitor for help and support in sorting out the legal and...

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