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couple having breakfast together, in front of a laptop

How to find out if someone is divorced?

Posted on Wednesday 10 July 2024

Discovering someone's marital status can be crucial in various situations, such as genealogical research, personal relationships, or legal matters. In the UK, divorce records are maintained by the government and can be accessed by the public, albeit with some restrictions. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of finding out if someone is divorced in the UK, including the information available, where to find it, and any associated costs. If you need expert guidance or encounter complications during...

a man and a woman keeping the distance

Restraining Orders: How are they issued and enforced?

Posted on Friday 5 July 2024

When faced with harassment, stalking, domestic abuse, or threats of violence, a restraining order can offer much-needed protection. These legally binding court directives prohibit the offender from engaging in specific behaviours that endanger the victim's safety and wellbeing. If you find yourself in need of...


Who gets child benefit in shared custody?

Posted on Friday 5 July 2024

In the UK, separated parents who share custody often find themselves confused when it comes to claiming child benefit. The welfare system's support is vital, but its complexities can leave you feeling lost. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on who can claim child...

a woman and child playing together

Child Maintenance: When does it stop?

Posted on Thursday 4 July 2024

For separated or divorced parents, ensuring the financial well-being of their children is a paramount concern. In the UK, the legal obligation to provide child maintenance often arises, but uncertainties may linger around when this duty concludes. This comprehensive guide aims to clarify the intricate...

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