Bolierplate Clauses: What are they?

Bolierplate Clauses: What are they?

Posted on Thursday 24 September 2020

The boilerplate provisions of your agreement should never be ignored. When you read through these clauses, the language seems similar. However, the little differences in the use of words will make a considerable difference in interpreting your commercial agreement or acquisition transaction documents. Here is...

A Global Pandemic: The ideal time to start a new business?

A Global Pandemic: The ideal time to start a new business?

Posted on Monday 7 September 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has disrupted economies and business corporations around the world. With the economy in shambles, financial experts around the world have proclaimed that we are amidst a global recession with increasing certainty. Many well-established businesses, particularly the ones which were smaller or...

Do you have a valid business insurance?

Do you have a valid business insurance?

Posted on Friday 21 August 2020

There is controversy growing over insurers refusing to cover losses that have arisen from COVID-19; especially, under Business Interruption policies.  Lots of businesses have been paying these premiums for years. For policies that supposedly include cover, therefore the insured’s believed they are protected. Some insurers...


What is Capital Gains Tax?

Posted on Thursday 23 July 2020

In the United Kingdom, like many countries, there is a very complicated tax system, a series of levies imposed upon both individuals, businesses and organisations.  These levies are payments that have to be made the government via Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and are...

commercial lease

Conditions of a Commercial Property Lease

Posted on Friday 19 June 2020

Starting or expanding a business can be an exciting prospect. However, if this involves moving into a commercial residence for the first time, it can also be daunting. Lease agreements often contain complex contractual clauses and seemingly impenetrable legal jargon. As such, it is best...


Insolvency: 10 burning questions answered!

Posted on Monday 18 May 2020

You may have recently seen many articles and news reports referring to insolvency and the changes in the law surrounding it. These adjustments have been brought about by the fallout of the COVID-19 epidemic and the economic impact it has caused globally. These are difficult...


Insolvency Law Reforms – COVID-19

Posted on Tuesday 21 April 2020

With the Coronavirus Pandemic, there is much uncertainty. We are going through times of change and difficulty, impacting us all. A great deal has changed over the last six months. Nevertheless, we envisage that there are going to be more reformations ahead. Aside from the...

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