Mobile Phones in Prison: Rules for Communication in the UK

Mobile Phones in Prison: Rules for Communication in the UK


Incarceration is a lonely experience, both for the person in prison and the family members on the outside. One thing that can minimise the space felt between loved ones, and that can make the experience a fraction more enjoyable is clear communication. Of course, this has its own set of challenges.…

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (SOLS)

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (SOLS)


The right to liberty cannot be overlooked as it is one of our fundamental human rights. Liberty is the ability to be free to do what you want to do or settle anywhere you will love to live in. Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard refers to stripping one away of his freedom. Someone is denied liberty if the person is under continuous custody, control, and restricted to leave.…

Human rights under the Equality Act 2010

Human Rights under the Equality Act 2010


The Equality Act 2010 is an anti-discrimination and human rights bill that was put into effect on 1 October 2010. It protects everyone in the United Kingdom against harassment, discrimination, and victimisation. Compositely, it strengthens and streamlines roughly 40 years of equalities legislation.…

Mask Enforcement in the United Kingdom!

Mask Enforcement in the United Kingdom!


The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the entire way the world functions. This pandemic has proven deadly and difficult to acclimate to. One reason why COVID-19 is unique may potentially be because the guidance’s and recommendations for how to combat it seem to change so rapidly.…

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