Human rights under the Equality Act 2010

Human Rights under the Equality Act 2010

Posted on Friday 18 September 2020

The Equality Act 2010 is an anti-discrimination and human rights bill that was put into effect on 1 October 2010. It protects everyone in the United Kingdom against harassment, discrimination, and victimisation.  Compositely, it strengthens and streamlines roughly 40 years of equalities legislation. The Act...


Discrimination at Work: Types and Compensation

Posted on Wednesday 22 July 2020

In today's society, we enjoy working with a melting pot of different people of all backgrounds and abilities. Having a diverse team has many advantages, and the mix of different people creates a supportive and positive environment.  However, a diverse workforce also increases the chances...


Workplace Discrimination: Complete Guide 2020

Posted on Thursday 16 July 2020

Discrimination in the workplace occurs when certain prejudices happen in the workplace that centres around the nine protected characteristics. The Equality Act 2020 outlines nine characteristics a person may have that are protected by law if you were to experience discrimination.  The nine characteristics of...

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