Council Tax – What and when you have to pay?

Council Tax – What and when you have to pay?


Council tax is taxation payable to your local authority which is based on the value of the property you live in and the geographical location of the property. The values of the property are banded into eight categories in England, A through to H, with band A being properties valued under £40,000, and band D apply…

What is the Inheritance Tax threshold?

What is the Inheritance Tax threshold?


When someone dies, often they leave an estate. The estate includes any property, possessions, and money that they owned. This estate is subject to a tax called Inheritance Tax. How much inheritance tax someone must pay is dependent upon how much the estate is worth.…

Self-Employed: How to calculate your tax?

Self-Employed: How to calculate your tax?


It is more common than ever to become self-employed. With the rise of remote-working, more professionals are tuning in to the benefits of being self-employed. However, with self-employment comes new questions and challenges.; for example – how do you calculate self-employment tax?…

How to avoid paying inheritance tax in the UK?


The death of a loved one comes with all sorts of stresses and emotions. For many people, the last thing they want to do is deal with wills and estates. Nevertheless, without taking the appropriate steps, inheritance tax could end up costing you hundreds of thousands of pounds. So, all matters relating to it must be dealt with efficiently and promptly. …

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