How tax changes after divorce?

Posted on Wednesday 25 March 2020

When it comes to taxation policies on divorce, Income Tax and Inheritance Tax and its impact play a vital role. By planning a divorce settlement, both the spouses will be able to minimise the cost of tax levied on transfers. This can offer some kind...


Signs of LGBTQ couple headings for divorce

Posted on Wednesday 25 March 2020

Latest reports show that there has been a surge in the LGBTQ couple divorces. While the marriage rates had been increasing, so has been the rise in couples splitting. Social prejudice and discrimination Relationship experts say that the reason why LGBTQ couples are deciding to...


Dealing with divorce when you still love him

Posted on Wednesday 25 March 2020

Strategies to help you heal & recover The unthinkable has happened: one night, your husband came home and announced he is leaving. Maybe he is in love with someone else, maybe not. Either way, it is probably the most painful moment you have ever experienced,...


How to end a relationship?

Posted on Monday 16 March 2020

Ending a relationship is never easy. The time spent united, the baggage gained, and the emotional investment in one another cannot be dismissed without pain. Ripping it off like a band-aid simply is not a good metaphor for a breakup. Instead, separation takes time, and...


Planning life after divorce

Posted on Friday 24 January 2020

Divorce can be utterly bitter and leave you shattered. This state of extreme emotional stress does not allow you to make sound decisions. Understandably so, it is hard to plan life after divorce while you’re dealing with mental stress. From custody of children to financial...


What is Divorce Day?

Posted on Saturday 28 December 2019

You’ve survived Christmas with the in-laws, secured a midnight kiss, and happily put on 3 kg from the annual two-week long food and wine festival that many of us call “The Holiday Season.” The gifts have been given and received; the New Year has begun,...

divorce lawyers

How to choose your perfect divorce lawyer?

Posted on Thursday 10 October 2019

Divorce is one of the life events that is a quite stressful and unpleasant experience. Emotions run high and quite often, you'll be stretching yourself and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. Sometimes, you'll end up making decisions with the heart rather than the...

adultery - divorce

Is adultery always a reason for divorce?

Posted on Sunday 6 October 2019

Whether you are the deceiver or the deceived, adultery (also called infidelity) can be held as a fault by the judge appointed in a divorce proceeding. Adultery is one of the top reasons couples in England and Wales apply for divorce. Find a divorce lawyer...

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