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I am a corporate and commercial lawyer with particular experience in M&A, joint ventures, funds and debt and equity capital markets. I have worked across commercial and financial services sectors and have extensive experience supporting in corporate aspects of real estate transactions.

My clients typically include start ups, pension funds, developers, housing associations and charities. I enjoy really getting to know a business and figuring out the best way to achieve its aims. I enjoy the dynamic nature, pressure and camaraderie of corporate transactions.

When giving legal advice or managing a transaction, I am a big fan of planning. I plan backwards. I start by thinking 'What does a successful outcome look like?' and 'What do I need to do to achieve that outcome?' I'll make a list and visually map it out with diagrams, down to the smallest document that needs to be signed.

Lawyers are advisers but they need to lead too, by asking the right questions, implementing client decisions and making things happen on time. I have the approach that the buck stops with the lawyer so the lawyer needs to make sure everything runs to plan.
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