Conveyancing: Why solicitors take so long?

Conveyancing: Why solicitors take so long?


Once you have had an offer accepted on the house you want to buy, you want to get on and move. Moreover, it would be so quick and easy if it was not for the solicitors dragging their heels, wouldn’t it? The wait can be frustrating with the threat that somebody along the chain might pull out, causing the whole thing to collapse, but the alternative could be much worse. …

Equity Release: The Pros and Cons!

Equity Release: The Pros and Cons!


As you reach or approach retirement age, you might find that you need more income. Perhaps you want to be able to help your children get on the property ladder, or finally go on that round the world cruise that you have always dreamed about?…

Equity Release: How it works?

Equity Release: How it works?


You may have seen adverts on TV mentioning Equity Release and how, for the over 55s mainly, it can be a great way to a more comfortable life in retirement. Rates are at the lowest they have been in recent years, but does that mean Equity Release is always a good thing? Let us explore exactly what Equity Release is and how it works.…

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