Confined at home: Domestic violence cases on the rise!

4 days ago

Suffering in silence Lack of support A place of no escape Unchartered territory As cities around the world have gone into lockdown to save lives, domestic violence victims feel more vulnerable than ever. Due to increased social and physical distancing in place in response to COVID-19, many domestic violence victims… Read More

The alarming rise of cyberbullying!

How has online exacerbated cyberbullying? What is cyberbullying? Social Media, a devil in disguise? Prevention is better than cure! Effects… Read More

3 months ago

Why suffer in silence when the law is on your side?

What is the real meaning of domestic violence? Consequences of domestic violence. Actions required to solve the problem of domestic… Read More

4 months ago

Have you ever been a victim of Identity theft?

What is identity theft? What are the best ways to protect yourself from identity theft? What are the punishments for… Read More

6 months ago

Are you exposed to money laundering?

How has anti-money laundering evolved? How to protect your business from money laundering? What is the punishment for money laundering?… Read More

6 months ago

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