Child Maintenance: When does it stop?

Child Maintenance: When does it stop?


Divorce is mostly the decision of one partner. Sometimes, it could be a mutual decision between both partners. However, divorce does not automatically end the responsibility that comes with being a parent. There are several students in higher institutions across the UK, many of whom are mainly dependent on their parents for finances during their degree course. …


Prohibited Steps Order: How can one be used?


A Prohibited Steps Order is issued under Section 8 of the Children Act 1989 which is requested by one parent to ensure that the other parent does not continue to carry out a single particular action that involves a child or children from that relationship, where that action would prohibit the other parent from fulfilling their parental responsibilities.…


Special Guardian: What is it exactly?


As a civilized race, the safety and wellbeing of our children are paramount. While a perfect world would see all children have two parents, sadly, for numerous reasons, that is not always the case. Worse still, for some children, they have no option but to grow up in a home without either parent.…


Who gets child benefit in shared custody?


When parents are going through divorce proceedings and are going through a separation, it is common to get wrapped up in the issues of the divorce. You may forget about important things like what happens to certain benefits once you are divorced. …

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