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Contact me if you have a dispute that is commercial, landlord, tenant, wills and family, institution, workplace and or consumer related.

I am an experienced accredited Mediator and engage in a holistic way rather than from a mechanical hourly-rate approach. I am passionate about the process of mediation as an important way to draw individuals together to participate and address disputes before they escalate to litigation.

As a mediator with a wealth of legal, commercial, human rights and international experience, I focus on asking the right questions to elicit what is driving the issues at hand. I use my commercial and legal experience to direct the process. The choice of mediation is with the individuals.

My work is always solution-orientated and I have worked on difficult mandates and initiated and pioneered approaches as well as facilitated difficult institutional, multinational and government relationships to broker engagement.

I have over 25 years of experience working as a trusted advisor to clients including multinationals, Governments, UN, NGOs and engaging with an array of stakeholders including multilateral organisations around the world.

I have worked on the Law Society's Business and Human Rights Working Group on the UNGPs, Prior elected Vice Chair of the Solicitor's International Human Rights Group for over 10 years, Trustee and Accredited Mediator and Trainer for the Society of Mediators and Fellow of the Royal Society of Art. I hold a MSc. in Sustainable and Responsible Business, an LL.M in International Law and LL.B. I have spoken on numerous panels and published a number of articles and blogs.

Please feel free to call me between 9-10am for a 10 minute free consultation.
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