COVID-19: Employers’ Liability Claims


On March 23rd 2020, amidst the growing domestic threat posed by the global coronavirus pandemic, the UK entered a nationwide lockdown. All non-essential businesses were ordered to shut their doors indefinitely. Prime Minister Boris Johnson effectively prohibited people from going to work, except in cases where that work was “absolutely necessary and couldn’t be done from home”.…

Confidentiality Agreement or Non-Disclosure Agreement in Employment Disputes?

Non-Disclosure Agreements in Employment Disputes


Confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure agreements (NDA) are a regular aspect of many sectors, employment being one of them. Employers often use them to ensure an employee or ex-employee stays quiet about certain aspects of the job or company. …

Employment Issues: Where to find help?

Employment Issues: Where to find help?


Having a job is one of the most critical aspects of the lives of many people. A vast portion of the population builds their lives around their work. Due to this, it is essential to ensure that your working environment is a positive one. …

The UK Employment Allowance Explained!

The UK Employment Allowance Explained!


Are you a small business owner who pays a large sum of National insurance each year? Are you aware of a scheme that can reduce this cost for your company? You may be eligible to apply for the Employment Allowance.…

How to complain about a recruitment agency?

How to complain about a recruitment agency?


So you have been struggling to find a job, perhaps you want to become an agency worker? What does this entail? Agency workers do not necessarily have the same right as usual employees in an organisation. For example, recruitment agencies are in charge of timesheets and your pay usually. …

What is an Employment Tribunal?

What is an Employment Tribunal?


Workplaces can be volatile environments, and sometimes disputes arise that are hard or even impossible to resolve internally. These issues can arise for any number of reasons; from health and safety concerns, to pay disputes and improper conduct. …

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