Tenants: Seven tips help you secure that needed home!

Tenants: Seven tips to help you secure that needed home!


In many parts of the country, and especially London, there is tremendous competition from would-be tenants, and at times there is a distinct shortage of available property. In order to find out what separates a reasonable prospective tenant to a very good one, we asked several landlords and letting agents what helped them decide whether or not a prospective tenant would likely be a good ‘bet’.…

How to evict squatters legally? Do they have rights?

How to evict squatters legally? Do they have rights?


If someone enters a property deliberately without permission and the begins living there, this is called ‘squatting’. The legal term for ‘squatting’ is ‘adverse possession’. It is illegal and squatting in a residential building can lead to a £5,000 fine, a 6-month prison sentence or both.…


What is a sitting tenant?


If you are in the market for a new property, then you may have seen the phrases “sitting tenant” or “tenant in situ”. As more of the UK are migrating towards renting instead of buying, the existence of the long-term sitting tenant is on the rise.…

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