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Joined LawBite in 2017, with over 13 years international experience in advising on commercial and corporate matters in a wide range of sectors. Carla holds a Master’s degree in Commercial Law from the University of Cambridge. In-house and private practice experience in big corporations and law firms like CMS. Solid knowledge and expertise in contract negotiation, drafting and management.

Carla is enthusiastic about entrepreneurs and their world and passionate about helping them develop their business. Fuelled by a genuine interest in SMEs.
Highly business-oriented and aware of the role lawyers play as business partners. Cares about the clients’ needs and concerns. Always has a practical approach to law and legal advice, and goes the extra mile to ensure the clients have enough knowledge and understanding to make well informed decisions. Licensed to practice law in England, Wales and Brazil.

LawBite is an online legal platform, connecting small and medium businesses to expert legal advice. Our virtual platform connects firms seamlessly to the top-flight lawyers in the fully SRA regulated and insured UK law firm that sits on our platform. From what was previously viewed by many as an expensive and cumbersome process to get good legal advice, LawBite now makes it simple to access, clear and affordable. We use cutting edge technology to provide tools that make it easier for both the client and the lawyer to manage the case, streamlining the process to save up to 50% from comparable high street legal fees – without any compromise on quality.

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