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As an experienced commercial solicitor, having previously worked for 9 years at a highly successful FTSE 100 company in London as Senior Corporate Counsel, I joined Lawbite in 2018 for the opportunity to work with a variety of business clients from inception through to growth and expansion. I relocated to the USA 6 years ago and shortly after became a qualified attorney in the State of New York. As a result, I am uniquely positioned to assist my clients in the UK who are looking to expand into or transact with US businesses. With a primary focus on commercial contracts, I have provided legal advice and guidance to client businesses of all sizes across various industries; my objective is to facilitate contract negotiations and allow your business to gain customers on appropriate legal terms. I am passionate about demystifying and simplifying the complex world of law, while providing a friendly and approachable legal service. I am a firm believer that one approach does not suit all; while ‘cookie-cutter’ or ‘template’ documents can initially seem like an attractive solution to a legal matter, it is all too common for individuals or organizations to run into costly problems as a result of inadequate legal language or missing crucial components. My approach is simple: I treat all of my projects uniquely. Through building an understanding of my client’s business I am able to identify potential risks and focus on delivering the most appropriate and cost-effective legal solutions.

LawBite is an online legal platform, connecting small and medium businesses to expert legal advice. Our virtual platform connects firms seamlessly to the top-flight lawyers in the fully SRA regulated and insured UK law firm that sits on our platform. From what was previously viewed by many as an expensive and cumbersome process to get good legal advice, LawBite now makes it simple to access, clear and affordable. We use cutting edge technology to provide tools that make it easier for both the client and the lawyer to manage the case, streamlining the process to save up to 50% from comparable high street legal fees – without any compromise on quality.

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