How long do you have to be separated to file for divorce?

How long do you have to be separated to file for divorce?

Posted on Friday 4 September 2020

Have you found yourself contemplating divorce? Are you separated from your partner, wondering if divorce is an option for you? The following guidance’s may help provide clarity on your situation. In England and Wales, no legal time limit determines when divorce proceedings can be started....

How to get an online divorce?

How to get an online divorce?

Posted on Wednesday 26 August 2020

When any of us get married, we all hope it will be forever. Sadly, for 42% of marriages in the UK, that turns out not to be the case, with the average length of a marriage for divorced couples lasting just 12 years. There are...


Who gets the house in a divorce with children?

Posted on Friday 14 August 2020

The end of a relationship, whether it is a divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership, is a stressful, challenging time for all. As well as the emotional difficulty, there are also practical considerations to be concerned with. Inevitably, the financial implications are some...

how to divorce a narcissist

How to divorce a narcissist?

Posted on Monday 10 August 2020

Divorce is never easy, even if it is for the best for both parties. However, there are some situations where divorce can be especially challenging. One of those is if you are divorcing a narcissist. Because narcissists are totally focused on themselves in everything, they...

How long after a divorce can you claim assets?

How long after a divorce can you claim assets?

Posted on Thursday 30 July 2020

A divorce is often an unpleasant experience for everyone involved. No matter how well-intended both individuals are, unmerging your life from someone who was once your "forever" is a challenging, messy, complicated process.  In an ideal divorce, the divorce proceedings are finalised swiftly, and the...

How to change your name after divorce?

How to change your name after divorce?

Posted on Tuesday 28 July 2020

According to the BBC, approaching 42% of all UK marriages end in divorce. This may well come as a surprise to many of you, and it is a somewhat sad and sobering statistic.  While divorce often tends to focus on the distribution of assets, one...


Why people divorce and how to avoid it?

Posted on Monday 27 July 2020

Alarming statistics In the United Kingdom, a staggering 42% of marriages end in divorce. Of course, no two couples experience marriage the same. It is impossible to determine precisely why the prevalence of divorce is so high because each pair has their unique struggles, triumphs,...


How long after divorce can you claim pension?

Posted on Monday 20 July 2020

When a couple gets a divorce, their pensions typically are included in the financial part of the divorce settlement along with property and other marital assets. Without written consent or a court order confirming the settlement between the two parties, both parties can claim their...

What is the cost of a divorce?

What is the cost of a divorce?

Posted on Wednesday 15 July 2020

Sometimes in life, you can be asked a question to which there is no direct and straightforward answer. So, when asked what the cost of a divorce is, the following are three answers which, between them, should go some way to answering this question. The...

file for divorce

How to file for divorce?

Posted on Thursday 9 July 2020

The journey of marriage is often embarked upon between two people who are brimming with hope, desire, and love. The commitment to tie your life with someone else’s forever is not one many take lightly, and it is a pivotal moment in so many adult...


Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute: What you need to know?

Posted on Wednesday 8 July 2020

Divorce proceedings are comprised of many complicated applications and steps. In the United Kingdom, the decree nisi and the decree absolute comprise two of the most critical steps in successfully ending a marriage. Understanding the distinctions between these two steps, what they entail, and how they are...


How to apply for divorce in the UK?

Posted on Wednesday 8 July 2020

If you believe your marriage has broken down to the point of separation, understanding the process through which a divorce can be completed is imperative. Divorce is often considered an overwhelming and complicated process. Although this depends on the state of mind of each partner,...


Top tips on how to fix a broken relationship!

Posted on Sunday 19 April 2020

The breakdown of any relationship can be a harrowing and tumultuous time, and it often stirs feelings of hopelessness and futility. But a collapsing partnership doesn’t always have to spell the end, with many couples finding that, through fixing their issues, they can emerge stronger...

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