Anti-Money Laundering: Small Firms and Risk Assessments

Posted : Friday 18 September 2020

Money laundering is a term used to describe how criminals disguise and integrate illegal financial movements into legitimate economic systems. It can pose problems in both the short and long-term and has the potential to disrupt the integrity of entire financial institutions.  National economies and currencies can become undermined if enough corporations, small or large, fall victim to large-scale money laundering schemes. Because of these severe consequences, anti-money laundering, or AML, has been at the forefront of legal business policy...

7-year-child-residency immigration rule

Family Visas: 7 Years Child Residency Immigration Rule


It is an inconvertible truth that the first seven years of a child’s life are significant to their growth, advancement, and happiness. After all, these seven years make and reflect a decent sum of their experiences and memories. For a youngster who was given birth to and bred in the United Kingdom for those seven years…

Criminal Injuries Compensation: An In-Depth Guide!

Criminal Injuries Compensation: An In-Depth Guide!


Every year in the UK, thousands of assaults and physical attacks are reported. Often, the victims are left with injuries, both mental and physical, which can significantly affect their lives. The CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority), was set up in an attempt to help these victims benefit from some form of compensation.…

No-Fault Divorce: Why does it matter?

No-Fault Divorce: Why does it matter?


Have you ever wondered why the rate of divorce is on the increase in recent years? How many of us have had to think about why some marriages are dissolved at one point or another? It is a known fact that the first step when a couple wants to get divorced……

How to claim Asylum in the UK?

How to claim asylum in the UK?


It is remarkable to think that such a small island can attract so many foreigners to claim asylum within its shores. Historically, the UK has been very fair to those who have sought asylum. While the borders may not be as open as they used to be, the UK is certainly not ‘shut’ to asylum seekers.…

Confidentiality Agreement or Non-Disclosure Agreement in Employment Disputes?

Non-Disclosure Agreements in Employment Disputes


Confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure agreements (NDA) are a regular aspect of many sectors, employment being one of them. Employers often use them to ensure an employee or ex-employee stays quiet about certain aspects of the job or company. …

How is a marriage annulled?

How is a marriage annulled?


An annulment ends a marriage, just like a divorce, although it is rare. It is also referred to as nullity. Annulment of a marriage can be done at any point in time after the wedding. Unlike divorce, there’s no minimum period before one can submit an application. …

Legal Aid - Access to free legal help!

Legal Aid – Access to free legal help!


We are fortunate that in the UK, a lack of money should not deny you access to legal help. This system is underpinned by legal aid, payment of legal fees by the government as opposed to an individual.…

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