The end of the Romance Road: How do you know when a relationship is over?

Knowing when a relationship is coming to an end is difficult and often heart-wrenching time.

You may have been together for decades, you may have financial attachments to one another such as a house or car, this may have been your only serious relationship, or you may have children to consider.

Whatever your situation, it is essential to reflect on whether the relationship is worth salvaging, or whether this truly is the end of the road.


Here are the top seven signs to help you decide on the future of your relationship and whether you should work on it or work free from it.

Lonely in love

Do you feel lonely even in the company of your significant other? Feelings of desertion and isolation, when you are with your partner is a critical indicator that you have lost that loving and caring bond. It may sound impossible to feel isolated even when you are physical with someone, but emotional disconnection often marks the start of the demise of a relationship.

Emotional exile

A vital part of any relationship is the sharing of emotions, the exchange of the highs and lows of everyday life. You may find that your mind wanders while they are talking, or that you are continually having to repeat yourself to them as though they are not paying attention. This is a sign of emotional detachment, a sign of disinterest and sometimes even a loss of respect.

The opposite of love is not hate – it is indifference, and this can often be displayed by you not sharing, or listening to, those noteworthy or notable moments with your partner.

The avoidance approach

It is perfectly normal and healthy for couples to have their separate groups of friends, but if you find yourself or notice your other half spending increasingly more time and energy with others, bailing on plans or even avoiding coming home, then this is a red flag that the connection you formerly had is changing or breaking down.

It could be a case that you argue constantly or that the atmosphere is frosty and awkward, but avoiding problematic living situations is a tell-tale sign that your relationship is in jeopardy.

Disinterested duo

If you find you have become oddly agreeable with one another, this is not necessarily a good indicator of a flourishing relationship. Being overly amenable may be an indication of complacency and disinterest in wanting to try anymore. What can be seen as a sign of being cooperative is indifference to the relationship or your feelings.

This lack of fight, spark and enthusiasm for fighting your corner is a warning that boredom and disinterest have set in. You may even find that this ennui is seeping into your other areas of life, and this is a noteworthy sign you need to shake things up.

Understanding each other’s needs and communicating emotions are essential cornerstones to a healthy partnership. If you find yourself not listening when the other talks or you find yourself feeling emotionally neglected or unheard, then it is time to assess your situation.

Clashing couple

It is not uncommon for the rose-tinted glasses to slip after a period of time together, and when you used to see another person’s good qualities readily, you now see a lot more flaws.

Make sure you look at how you speak about your significant other to your friends or family. Are you often speaking negatively about your other half? Making unprompted or unfair remarks? Being disrespectful or even rude? Impertinent remarks are often a way of ‘acting-out’ when a relationship is suffering under stress and a sign that there are deeper issues afoot.

You may also find that you are arguing more with your other half, that you are unable to agree on anything when you used to be very amicable. Fighting can be a healthy way to communicate and resolve issues but having consistent unnecessary arguments, picking inconsequential things to fight about or being unwilling to make up are signs that the relationship is failing.

The future is not bright

All relationships take work, and it is often a conscious effort to keep things exciting, interesting and fun. If the idea of thinking about any future with your significant other sparks fear, then this is a prominent sign that things may be on the rocks.

It is not uncommon for people to change within the course of a romance and for future goals to no longer align. People grow at different paces, but the most robust relationships can adapt, acclimate and adjust.

Not talking about the future could be an avoidance technique, a way of evading the inevitable truth that your relationship is on borrowed time.

If you find that neither you nor your partner talks about the future enthusiastically, that you find yourself daydreaming about a different future, or even wondering if you can do better, then this is a heads up of problems on the horizon.

The naked truth

Has your sex life changed or dwindled entirely? Sex is not just about a display of attraction; it enables a couple to be both emotionally and physically intimate with one another.

Physical disinterest in your significant other (and this includes romantic connections such as hand-holding, kissing and touching etc.) is often a sign that the relationship is lacking in both emotional and physical expression, and this is often a forewarning to failure.

Key Takeaway

If you find yourself recognising some (or even all) of these signs, then do not dash your decision and bail on your beau! There are ways in which you can work to try and resolve relationship problems and even overcome them entirely. The critical thing to remember is, to be honest with yourself and look after your mental and physical wellbeing.

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